The Vésinet or the Vésigond... ?

The Vésinet or the Vésigond... ?

What do we call the inhabitants of Le Vésinet ?

They are called Vésigodins and Vésigondines.

Many of you ask Google this question, about 15,000 requests per month on Google France in 2021.
So obviously as a real estate agency based in Le Vésinet for over 30 years, Agence des Sablons had to go a little further in its answer. Even if the 16,000 Vésigondins of today are all very important, the town has had the chance to see famous and colorful characters pass through and sometimes be born in its midst. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most famous Vésigondins and Vésigondines:

The fashion and perfume designer, Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946) lived for several years in Le Vésinet in her villa, "les Vieilles Tuiles", at 8, boulevard de Belgique. She is buried in the communal cemetery.

The poet Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) lived his childhood in Le Vésinet with his mother and brother Albert, at 8, boulevard Carnot, but the writer's house no longer exists today.
The cartoonist and scriptwriter Marcel Gottlieb known as Gotlib (1934-2016) known in particular for Fluide Glacial and L'écho des savanes, lived from the 1970s until his death in the house he had built at 2 rue du Petit-Montesson, in the Charmettes district. The journalist and mythical host of the "grosses têtes" Phillipe Bouvard (1929-) lived for about thirty years at 82, route de Montesson.
The singer, dancer and showgirl Josephine Baker (1906-1975) lived from 1929 to 1947 in the villa "Le Beau-Chêne" at 52, avenue Georges-Clemenceau.
The film actor Jean Marais (1913-1998), lived part of his childhood in Le Vésinet, 90, boulevard de Belgique, where he was raised by his mother, his aunt and his grandmother. To pay tribute to him, the cinema in Le Vésinet bears his name.
The writer Auguste Le Breton (1913-1999) lived his last years in Le Vésinet, at 12, rue Pasteur. He is buried in the communal cemetery.
The singer Luis Mariano (1914-1970), lived in the villa "Magreluma" located at 86, boulevard Carnot, which became "Les Lionceaux".
The writer and philosopher Alain lived in Le Vésinet until his death at 75, rue Maurice-Berteaux in a villa bought in 1917 and named "La maisonnette". The town paid tribute to him by naming the Lycée du Vésinet after him.

The coat of arms of Le Vésinet.The coat of arms of the Vésinet

The current coat of arms, drawn by Eugène Bénard, second secretary of the town hall of Le Vésinet, abandons the "silver villa" and makes the horn appear, in connection with the legend evoked by the historian Estienne Pasquier (1529-1615).
The daisy evokes Saint Margaret. (develloper on the daughter of Pallu) The garland of leaves around symbolizes the past of the forest of Le Vésinet.
The crown reminds us that the old forest belonged to the royal domain for many centuries.
Finally, let's come back to the horn, which evokes the legend that tells that at the time: it is in the forest of Le Vésinet that the conspirators, Frankish lords filled with hatred against Charlemagne and Roland, meet.
The Saracen envoys were waiting for them. In the silence of the woods, Ganelon de Hauteville and his accomplices signed their pact of treason on a large stone (not found today).
Charlemagne's army, commanded by Roland, was attacked and cut to pieces at Ronceveaux in 778.
Ganelon and his accomplices were arrested, found guilty and sentenced to burn alive on a pyre next to the large stone where the pact of treason was signed.

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